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How does Japanese deal with plastic waste problem?


23,200,000,000-This is the number of the plastic bottles that Japanese people consumed only for drink in a year. It would be 64,000,000 bottles per a day, 2,600,000 bottles per a hour, 44,000 bottles per a minute and 740 bottles in second.  However, 2,600,000,000 bottles are no have been recycled after thrown away. These bottles will be flown into the sea.

In fact, 33% of the plastic waste inside the sea is plastic bottle. So If we could recycle all of the consumed plastic bottle, we would be able to reduce one third of the marine debris.

In order to deal with this problem, there is a platform which is called “mymizu“. My mizu does 4 things mainly. eCommerce, SDGs education to companies and students,  collaboration project with organization and development of the app and providing mymizu spots that refills personal water bottle.

As well as Mymizu, there is another platform of refill water called Refill Japan. It was started in England, but a Japanese environmental organization called “mizu-Do! network” started to collaborate with it. In 2019, they set the very first public water refill spot.

Not only plastic bottles but also plastic bags are consumed a lot in Japan. Japan started to charge for plastic bag since this july 1st.

For Japanese people, using plastic bottles and plastic bags is very common and it is kind of hard try not to use it. Unfortunately, Japan is the second biggest country which discharges plastic waste in the world. a Japanese person consumes approximately 200 bottles in a year. As well as this, Japan exports 40% of used plastic bottles overseas. Japanese people face the fact and it seems it is the time to deal with this issue.