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What I study in Japan and my future vision-Young Talents’ POV vol.4

  This essay will explore what drove me to study in Japan, lessons I got through studying at Soka university and my future career. There are two  reasons why I decide to study in Japan. Firstly, experiencing new culture is one of great joys in my life. When I was 9 years old, my family went to China and lived in Beijing for a year. During the period I could build meaningful memories and find communicating with people from different countries was fun. Based on such a good perception about study abroad at the end of my last year in high school I decided to apply to Soka university in Japan since I want to challenge and grow myself again in a new environment. Moreover, soka university is one of the decision factors of study abroad itself. I was attracted to the foundation philosophy, humanistic education. In Korea, students even since early childhood spend much time studying. However, their ultimate goal is not to become more knowledgeable or happier rather to compete with each other and win. Humanistic education of Soka university is different from typical education philosophy in Korea. It delivers a message of cooperation and embracement and trusts everyone’s potential to become a global leader who can contribute to a healthy society. I was sure that I will never forget or lose my prime motivation on studying with humanistic education through finding the true meaning of studying.

What I have learned at the Faculty of International Liberal Arts (FILA) in Soka University can be categorized as lessons in class and lessons outside of class. As a FILA student, I touched various fields including politics, business, sociology, philosophy, environmental science, culture and education, history and so on. It might seem the depth of lectures to be shallow, however, each class of every subject is based on reading and profound discussions due to abroad fields. Through discussions I can confirm my understanding with others and understand the concept with heart. In other words, It is not too much to say discussion places in the center of all learning in FILA. Additionally, professors alarm the importance of being capable in many classes. The ultimate goal of soka education is to make the world full of peace and to do so the founder emphasizes coexistence in this global era, therefore, the concept of global citizenship regarding people have different race, nationality and appearance as equal citizens,friends and family. However, sometimes students and even myself put too much focus on having a good heart as a milestone of global citizenship. Of course it is,however, dreaming about a bright future without being capable is no more than an absurd imagination from professors’ saying in class. Through that I could learn that the journey of global citizenship must be directed to ideal features, however, be grounded on realistic view.

        As such academic knowledge and my philosophy toward world peace could be gained through classes in university. Other than those two, I could learn another two important things, the way to face failures and having relationships with people around me. In my freshman year, I had a chance to go to Australia for 8 month to study abroad and went through challenges there. Since my middle school period, English was not an obstacle for me. I could get the score I wanted as much as I studied and English score on the national test was always high, however, taking lectures with local students and expressing ideas in English were different stories. I became less confident as time went by and sometimes even did not have enough courage to go to class. That was my first experience of failure and I returned to Japan without facing the issue. However, the story did not end there because I could not pass my 1 course which means I need to go study abroad again to get the credit. As a result, I decided to take a year break and take the credit in Korea by supporting myself financially about tuition fee. At first I could not endure myself being irresponsible and weak and sharing my situation with anyone since I do not want to reveal my painful failure. Whenever I talked to professors, however, encouragement through sincere counsel and trust on my potential were delivered to me. Moreover, friends who knew the circumstances sympathized and showed great support. Furthermore, the first reaction from my parents was ‘being proud of you who experienced all those difficulties’. Especially my parents, such support liberated myself from obsession to become the best and perfect student and finally I could keep my composure to face the fear in Australia. During the one year break, I worked in English academy to earn my tuition fee in Korea and finish university life in Korea successfully with high grades and great confidence on English and myself. After I returned to Soka university, I could achieve my one of goals in that semester of getting the highest grade and make it requital to all supports from my helpers. Through this experience I could learn how to face failure and overcome and how important it is to have a good human network which can bring great power in emergency situations in life.

        My future goal is to change family structure in Korea. Typically, Korean family structure has a hierarchical and patriarchal structure. It influences children’s identity in negative ways by forcing them to be a good child who listens to their parents. I was also from the type of family experiencing many struggles since I was used to such oppressing culture and recognize this feature is found in many families in Korea ,therefore, I end up with finding my life goal to change the culture. I will apply for a sociology master degree to study family structure in asian countries, parenting and child psychology. After that I want to have field experiences to have concrete topics about my doctor degree and to have a chance to examine whether the study in the master degree is useful. As a next step I will apply for a doctor degree and develop a program which makes people recognize they are facing critical issues especially from such family culture and support them to be free from it. My ultimate plan is to work in government which can be the one of the most effective channels to achieve my goal at the national level.

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